International Journal of Literature and Arts

Special Issue

World Literature, Comparative Literature and (Comparative) Cultural Studies

  • Submission Deadline: 30 November 2015
  • Status: Submission Closed
  • Lead Guest Editor: Elmas Sahin
About This Special Issue
Comparatists and critics are invited for the 2015 Special Issue of International Journal of Literature and Arts, titled World Literature, Comparative Literature and (Comparative) Cultural Studies. The aim of the special issue is to collect studies of literary comparatists and critics in order to exchange opinions on the literary works and cultural values of world literature from comparative perspective. The researchers may approach the texts in regional, national or global contexts. The scope of this special issue is to focus on intertextual relations, interactions and influences between the texts across boundaries and to provide contributes with scientific analyses to the world literature, comparative literature or cultural studies as well as national literature, one of any theoretical methods of modern or postmodern critical aspects.

General Aims and Scope:
1. Theory of Comparative literature
2. Comparative literary studies
3. Translation in comparative literature
4. World literature
5. Comparative regional, national, international studies
6. (Comparative) Cultural, linguistic, educational, sociological, psychological studies
7. Intertextuality
8. Modern or postmodern aspects to world literature
9. Deconstruction in comparative/cultural studies
10. Comparative aesthetic and theories and criticism
11. Comparative poetry, tale/story, novel/fiction, travel wrtings, letters etc.,
12. Comparative Women studies, gender studies, sociological, psychological perspectives
13. International Folkloric studies
14. Mass media
Lead Guest Editor
  • Elmas Sahin

    The Department of Turkish Language and Literature, The Faculty of Arts and Science, Çağ University, Mersin, Turkey

Guest Editors
  • Lukasz Glinka

    American Association of International Researchers under Natural Science Forum (Membership NS-AAIR-1011, 2014-present), American Research Institute for Policy Development, New York, USA, Poland, Poland

  • Amalia-Florentina Drăgulănescu

    History of Literature Department, Romanian Academy, A. Philippide Institute of Romanian Philology, Iasi, Romania

  • Deniz A. Guler

    Faculty of Science and Literature, Çağ University, Mersin, Turkey

  • Kamuran Elbeyoglu

    Department of Psychology, School of Economics and Social Sciences, Toros University, Gaziantep, Turkey

  • Asghar Moulavi Nafchi

    English Department, Hakim Sabzevari University, Sabzevar, Iran

Published Articles
  • On Comparative Literature

    Elmas Sahin

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1-1, January 2016
    Pages: 5-12
    Received: 22 July 2015
    Accepted: 23 July 2015
    Published: 10 November 2015
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ijla.s.2016040101.12
    Abstract: This study focuses on issues such as what comparative literature is or not, how it is perceived today, what its benefits are, what kinds of mistakes are made in theory and practice in comparisons of the texts. The term 'literature' has been scene of plentiful discussions from the Greek and Latin civilizations to our age. From philosophical approach... Show More
  • Forbidden Love of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Fuzûlî’s Layla and Majnun

    Nilay Avci

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1-1, January 2016
    Pages: 1-4
    Received: 12 July 2015
    Accepted: 13 July 2015
    Published: 10 November 2015
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ijla.s.2016040101.11
    Abstract: The aim of this comparative literature study is to discuss two major examples of stories based on the theme of forbidden love. The focus of this study is the love stories of Romeo and Juliet, and Layla and Majnun. While Romeo and Juliet is one of the greatest examples of this theme in Western Literature, the story of Layla and Majnun is one of the ... Show More