Volume 3, Issue 5-1, October 2015, Page: 62-71
The Emotional World of the Musical Work, Reflected in an Educational Video Clip
Krasimira Georgieva Fileva-Ruseva, Department of Piano and Accordion, Faculty of Musical Education, Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Received: Jun. 18, 2015;       Accepted: Jun. 20, 2015;       Published: Jul. 4, 2015
DOI: 10.11648/j.ijla.s.2015030501.19      View  6511      Downloads  1088
In order to prove that a computer-generated video clip could recreate in full value the emotional content of a musical piece, I presented the work on the creation of scenarios for video clips, based on the Bulgarian folk song "Izgreyalo Yasno Slantze" ("A Bright Sun has Risen") and on Bagatelle №1 from the cycle "24 Bagatelles for Piano" by Ivan Spasov. The piano piece and the folk song are contrasting in terms of their character; the piano piece is created on the basis of dodecaphony, while the sound system of the folk song is the eolian mode with a subbase tone; the piano piece is by an author, as opposed to the folk song.
Folk Song, Piano Piece, Video Clip, National Psychology, Ivan Spasov, Scenario
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Krasimira Georgieva Fileva-Ruseva, The Emotional World of the Musical Work, Reflected in an Educational Video Clip, International Journal of Literature and Arts. Special Issue: Musical Theory, Psychology, Pedagogy and Performing. Vol. 3, No. 5-1, 2015, pp. 62-71. doi: 10.11648/j.ijla.s.2015030501.19
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